About weGrow

About weGrow
weGrow is a small business consulting company that provides solutions for the medical marijuana industries.

The Hydroponics Industry
Hydroponics is a rapidly growing industry being adapted around the world for crop production. Unlike conventional soil-based methods of horticulture, hydroponics is a method of growing plants using water without soil. This method has been proven to be more cost-effective, producing higher plant yields and being more environmentally friendly. While a number of factors have led to the increased usage of hydroponics, the liberalization of medical marijuana laws has expanded the application of hydroponics nationwide.

Medical Marijuana Consulting
weGrow's consulting arm offers services to help individuals pursue medical marijuana business opportunities. weGrow provides structured solutions for individuals wanting to:


weGrow has helped clients around the country successfully open medical marijuana businesses. We have assembled a team of top professionals including doctors, lawyers, scientists, architects, CPAs, horticulturalists, engineers and medical marijuana business owners to create comprehensive medical marijuana small business solutions.  

weGrow Stores and Grower Services
weGrow stores also offer a variety of grower services designed to train customers on safe and effective cultivation methods by experienced technicians. From "green" growers to those having a "green thumb", weGrow's grower services can help protect a crop and increase harvest. These services include education, consulting, design and build services.