Arizona Green Lights Marijuana Dispensary Program




Arizona Green Lights Marijuana Dispensary Program

State Will Begin to Accept Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applications


PHOENIX – APRIL 12, 2012 –Arizona will begin accepting applications for medical marijuana dispensaries on May 14th, according to an announcement by the Arizona Department of Health Services on Wednesday. The department will stop taking applications at 5 p.m. on May 25 and expects to award medical marijuana dispensary registration certificates on August 7. This means that the 25,500 medical cannabis patients in Arizona may be able to buy medical marijuana over the counter as early as mid-September of this year.

Hopeful entrepreneurs will have to navigate through a complex legal and financial system to demonstrate their ability to own and operate a medical marijuana dispensary to obtain one of these 126 dispensary certificates. weGrow, a national hydroponics franchise, intends to provide expertise to assist these aspiring business owners.

Dhar Mann, founder of weGrow, says that because the medical marijuana industry is so new, medical marijuana dispensary applicants cannot simply turn to their usual business attorney and accountant for assistance.

“This isn’t the type of opportunity where you can call your CPA and ask ‘how much marijuana can I expect to sell?’ to build a pro-forma” said Mann. “A lot of people recognize the vast opportunities within the medical marijuana industry, but very few professional resources exist to help these individuals.”

According to the AZDHS website, dispensary applicants must include an inventory control plan, qualifying patient recordkeeping plan, security plan, patient education and support plan and financial business plan.

That's where weGrow comes in: the company best known for its national chain of hydroponic superstores also helps clients develop business plans to open medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation centers across the U.S.

“Given the complex legal and political issues facing medical marijuana, it is critical for the furtherance of the cannabis industry that well-qualified individuals and applications are received by the state to not only dispense cannabis- but to grow a quality plant that many sick patients will depend on” said Mann.

Sunny Singh, weGrow Phoenix franchisee, says he is already offering assistance to entrepreneurs who intend to open a medical marijuana dispensary and grow their own medical marijuana. “It is critical for medical cannabis patients that high quality medicine is grown here in Arizona, but most of the individuals applying for a medical marijuana dispensary have never grown cannabis in their life. That’s why our experienced growers are helping dispensary applicants design model cultivation centers and learn the best practices for growing medical marijuana to produce a healthy and safe product for cannabis patients.”

Singh says that because of weGrow’s national buying power, he is able to offer the most competitive prices on supplies – from lights to nutrients – which cultivators will need to set up their grow operations.

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