Dispensary Inventory Control Plan
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Dispensary Inventory Control Plan

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The Dispensary Inventory Control Plan provides a comprehensive solution on how to track marijuana from seed to sale!

The Dispensary Inventory Control Plan is around 25 pages in length and provides you with a tracking system for a steady supply of marijuana to meet the needs of your patients. The goal of inventory control is to create an organized, systematic process for knowing the quality and quantity of all cannabis, whether plants or finished product. This plan will give you the ability to provide a steady supply cannabis while avoiding over- or underproduction, while also helping you to detect misallocation, theft and diversion.

The goals of inventory policies and procedures are:

• Ensuring product integrity for patients
• Preventing internal or external product diversion
• Complying with governmental regulations
• Tracking key statistics related to patients, products, and business

Important Inventory Control Plan aspects:
• Well-trained and well-supervised staff
• State-of-the-art electronic inventory tracking
• Information security
• Rigorous operational protocols of management, oversight, and accountability

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Custom plans specific for your location are also available! For more information on custom plans complete the form on the right sidebar, plans are not available for individual sale.