Dispensary Product Safety Plan
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Dispensary Product Safety Plan

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Dispensary Product Safety and Lab Testing Plan

Product Safety and Lab Testing demonstrates the responsibleness of a dispensary owner or cultivation owner in ensuring cannabis is safe for a patient's consumption. The product safety plan is around 25 pages in length.

Goals of the Dispensary Product Safety Plan include:
• Cannabis is free of pests and microbiological contaminants;

Cannabis does not have toxins, pesticides and non-organic nutrient residues;
• The medical potency of cannabis; and that • Cannabis is properly labeled with accurate THC and CBD levels

One of the best ways to maintain the purity of medical cannabis is through exercising preventive measures. Preventive measures stop problems before they occur.

Preventative measures include:
• Proper sanitation, scrupulous clean room operations, maintaining a closed growing environment, and controlling for heavy metals
• Limiting human traffic and transport and enforcing clean room and general hygiene protocols and
• Systematically pruning plants of decaying matter, quarantining contaminated plants, employing predator species, and developing disease-resistant strains.

While preventative measures are always the primary solution, from time to time they will fail and so the next goal of the Product Safety and Lab Testing Plan is to introduce remediation efforts. Remediation is addressed through close observation of growing conditions and continual laboratory analysis of samples for dispensing and growing marijuana. Remediation is used, when necessary, while always employing the most organic and least toxic method that will be effective. Details of prevention, assessment, and remediation procedures are contained within the Dispensary Product Safety and Lab Testing Plan.


The Dispensary Product Safety and Lab Testing Plan has been developed in connection with a leading cannabis testing facility in California. A sample of the Dispensary Product Safety Plan should display below.

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Custom plans specific for your location are also available! For more information on custom plans complete the form on the right sidebar, plans are not available for individual sale.