Dispensary Staffing Plan
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Dispensary Staffing Plan

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Use tool for staffing your medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation center!

The Dispensary Staffing Plan shows the structure of a dispensary organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions. The 35-page Dispensary Staffing Plan includes various roles required to ensure dispensary and cultivating efficiency, productivity, and quality.

The Dispensary Staffing Plan addresses:

  • Classification, responsibilities and skills requirements for dispensary positions.
  • Staffing level reqs. for role fulfillment and unit of labor (FTE/PT/SAN) status.
  • A Dispensary and Cultivation organizational chart.

The Dispensary Staffing Plan also includes a confidential information plan, department of health compliance, compliance of confidential information policy, disclosure of company information, company right of notice and dispensary workplace security and training. The Plan has been developed by an experienced Human Resources consultant in conjunction with weGrow.


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Custom plans specific for your location are also available! For more information on custom plans complete the form on the right sidebar, plans are not available for individual sale.